The acronym B.A.U.M. stands for the German Environmental Management Association. Founded in 1984, the organization combines economical, ecological and social questions, i.e. the principles of sustainability, successfully and in a future-oriented way. Having more than 500 members today, B.A.U.M. is the European business community's largest environmental initiative. Many well-known companies as well as non-profit organizations and institutions are members and pledged themselves to the B.A.U.M. ethical code for environmental management.

B.A.U.M.’s aim is to sensitize companies, local authorities and organizations for the importance of pro-active environmental protection and the vision of sustainable management and to support them in implementing ecologically effective, economically sensible and socially just schemes.

To reach its goals, B.A.U.M. as an information and contact network endeavors intensively to promote an active and practice oriented exchange of information and experiences and to build and foster multifaceted national and international contacts in the areas of business, science, politics and media. Being an advisory member of numerous committees, B.A.U.M. can represent the interests of com-panies effectively, mediate between disparate stakeholders and stimulate successful sustainability strategies.

B.A.U.M. and its member companies have received public respect and acknowledgement for their work. This is proven by many awards of high renown, such as the early recognition of their commit-ment by the reception to the UN Global 500 Roll of Honour, the German Environmental Award or the commendation of the campaign „Solar – na klar!“ as best national campaign for renewable energies in Europe by the EU in 2001.

In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, five regional offices as well as four representatives are working for the association’s objectives. Due to the shared language, there are also close connections to the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) and the Swiss Sustainable Business Network (ÖBU). Furthermore, B.A.U.M. maintains close relations to numerous counterparts worldwide. The establishment of the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM) based on the model of B.A.U.M. is the institutional result of these collaborations.

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