About us

Who we are

SOFEA, Sustainable Office European Association aisbl, is a non-for-profit European association, based in Belgium and the Netherlands. We count 19 members, represented by manufacturers and resellers active in the office supply industry. We are unique, ambitious and leading in bringing existing practices in the field of sustainability, under one denominator. 

Together with the industry we have build a common online assessment tool that is simple, practical and up-to-date. We are introducing a fair product evaluation of office products in a neutral and transparent manner.

Since 2014, SOFEA is the only professional European association for the office product industry. 


The Executive Management Team is taking the lead in setting out directions in the associations' growth strategy in alignment with the Board. 


Anita Gunther-Singh

Managing Director

Matthias Schumacher


Johan Brondijk


Alexander Doll

Vice President