1 European association for the OP industry promoting sustainability
2 Universal standard that brings existing practices under one denominator
3 Fair product evaluation that is neutral and transparent
4 Business insight in environmental, quality, health & safety and CSR performance
5 Data quality assurance; checked by an external service provider

The SOFEA platform enables manufacturers and resellers to save time and costs, by filling out a simple online assessment, and to share validated product information. The online assessment is different per product group with a maximum of 38 indicators measuring the product on environmental, quality, health & safety and CSR related topics.

Whether the product carries labels or no labels, certifications or no certifications, brand or no brand, SOFEA focuses solely on the environmental performance at product, manufacturer, and company level.

Having your products assessed within the SOFEA programme, you can be assured of the quality of the assessment and the performance checked by an external service provider. The data informs end-users to make a sustainable decision and for companies the data presents the excellence and improvement areas within a product category to gain benefits for the environment.