How it works

The SOFEA Assessment Scheme (SAS), is a thoughtful methodology that brings the right elements from different measurements together and fulfils the expectations of various user-groups into a representative product scoring method. 

The SAS is an easy and consistent way of collecting environmental product data. It saves time with a unified assessment created by the industry. Instant access to a central database with up-to-date environmental product data is provided. It is an independent and transparent tool where products are evaluated on the impact and initiatives on the environment, social and health & safety aspects. Ultimately, it is one unified product assessment tool across Europe. The same rating for each product is given in each country across Europe. Existing labels, methods and customer requirements are taken into account. The SAS consists of four steps:

Step 1
: Pre-assessment

Step 2: Product assessment incl. product EU compliance
Step 3: Data validation by external service provider
Step 4: Product rating

The outcome is a pragmatic transparant and uniform product rating for the entire spectrum of office supplies, with an A-to-E product rating. Where an A stands for a highly innovative product and an E stands for a product meeting the SOFEA basic requirements

- Only 100% compliance products receives a rating
- Optional for sharing the product ratings
- Public data can be shared by and with members; for
  example, reports, certificates and confirmation of legal