How much does the membership fee cost?

SOFEA is funded by the member group. The membership fee* is the same for manufacturers and resellers.

*The fee structure will be updated in 2018

What does product data validation cost?

  • The validation costs is born with the company that is the brand owner of the product.
  • With the SOFEA membership, two types of packages are offered.
  • See the sheet ‘online system rules’ for the exceptions.
  • Product families are skus sharing the similar physical characteristics, materials, qualities, certifications.
  • The invoicing is directly with the company Factor-X The Climate Consulting Group.


Independent and transparent measurement tool

The product is not evaluated by many other systems and programs but is evaluated on the impact and initiatives on the environment.


A central database with current product data

The standard information that is asked from manufacturers / suppliers are in the database. A separate exchange of information is unnecessary.


Resellers & manufacturers supporting the system

Practical tool created by the industry by simplifying the standard information stream.


Professional industry association

A group of like-minded companies, in which topics of common interest are discussed and addressed.



A collaboration that clearly shows that you are actively committed to reducing the environmental impact.


SOFEA approach

Log-in a database

Look up for the data or request for data

Download or share the data

This information is at all times available and is updated by the company.

No more long waiting

No more duplicative effort

No more messy information streams