Industry Initiative

In 2014, SOFEA was established for the purpose to build a system for measuring the environmental performance of office products. And to introduce a standard that is simple in use and that makes information transparent and instant available. With the support of the founding members, SOFEA was tasked to deliver an ambitions plan for the OP industry.

To serve the industry, the standard should be impartial, non-conflicting and be a fair product evaluation translated into an A-to-E product rating system.

The SOFEA system is measuring products on a broader scope that includes the hotspot analysis (LCA), accepts ecolabels & certification and a maximum of 38 indicators. Not only you will find information about the product performance, it includes the production environment & management and corporate initiatives on sustainability and CSR goals.

SOFEA promotes sustainability in the OP industry for measuring the environmental impact. The SOFEA standard is a good base and can be used by all companies (small/big) and next to your program. With this system you can find out how your products perform and benchmark with peer products.