It is our mission to encourage sustainability in the European industry for office supplies. To inspire manufacturers to continuously improve their products and to motivate resellers to communicate about the importance of sustainability. By making the product data more transparent, end-users are able to make well-considered and sustainable purchasing decisions.

SOFEA has the ambition to become the leading association for sustainability for office supplies in Europe. With the goal to develop and continuously improve a scientifically approved assessment tool – acknowledged by the European Commission – for all manufacturers and resellers in the line of business of office supplies.

SOFEA’s goal is to inform both business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) about the sustainable performance of office products in one way, regardless of the European country of sales. This main goal is divided into three sub-goals:

  1. Help the consumer make a more informed decision regarding sustainability when selecting office products
  2. Support and encourage manufacturers to improve the sustainability profile of their products
  3. Increase efficiency regarding sustainability data collection and processing across the industry